Our Story

Our farm is a labor of love. Located in Hinckley, the farm was purchased in 2015 from our late Grandfather, Duane Root, to keep it in the family. In addition to our garlic our non-gmo/organic products include: jellies, pies, kosher dill pickles, pickled green beans, garlic, scapes, garlic butter, hot cauliflower, several salsa varieties, and our newest recipe-bread and butter pickles. Maple syrup (medium-amber) will also be available in March. In the Fall we produce apple sauce and cider from our apple and pear orchard. 

We only grow heirloom crop varieties that would have been found on our farm when it originated over 135 years ago- to keep with the historic-nature of the property. We are members of the Ohio Farm Bureau, Organic Trade Association and are also Certified Naturally Grown. Last year we added our farm to the Western Reserve Land Conservancy to ensure our land is forever preserved in agriculture.

For 2017, the garlic we have planted includes the Hardneck varieties: Music, Shvelisi/Turkish, (both heirloom), German White, Roots Buckeye Red, and the Softneck varieties: Nootka Rose, Inchelium Red (both heirloom) and Silver White. We will also sell the garlic scapes that we cut off of the hardneck varieties in the Spring. These are a special order due to the short harvesting window. We will be taking pre-orders for our garlic in bulk for seed or culinary needs as well as the bulb starting in July for Summer harvest. Silverskin and Nootka Rose garlic braids will be available upon request starting in October. All garlic varieties ship in the Early Fall. Ordering page is under "Web Store" of your convenience. All Garlic is SEED QUALITY. We are working on perfecting our very-own BLACK Garlic and Smoked Garlic that will be available starting in October. Please contact us to order those varieties as we make only in small batches for the best flavor. 

We also have a trademarked hybrid hardneck rocambole garlic (which are known for their complex favor) that is a new wild crop found only in one area of the Pacific Northwest for an estimated century or so. We were fortunate enough to get some seed to start from the farmer that discovered it growing wild in his home town. He has been perfecting it for nearly a decade. We have chosen to name it "Roots Buckeye Red"....it's one of the most robust garlics we have sampled. We are very excited to share this new gourmet garlic with you in limited quantities until we grow enough for re-seeding next year. 

Some recent happenings: Our new barn was raised in July 2017. It was about 6 weeks behind schedule because of the wet weather, unfortunately. It will include a test-kitchen for cooking demos, agri-parties as well as canning and baking classes. We will also have guest-artisan demo weekends scheduled at the farm. Looking like this Winter may start our events. We had a cider-making on Sept 3rd with our 5 varieties of apples and two varieties of pears we grow in the orchard-area of the farm. Apple pie classes will be up next for the holidays. Our garlic harvest season was longer than anticipated so we had to hold-off on finishing the interior of the barn so we could store the over 4,000 pounds we harvested. 

We made our maiden voyage to The Cleveland Garlic Festival August 26-27th where we featured our organic garlic butter made with our Heirloom Shvelisi (Turkish) garlic. 

On September 10th we made our 2nd trip down to the Merion Village Festival in Columbus. We love the people in German Village. SO much great conversation and I think we may have some new garlic gardeners in that area now. We featured our Organic and non-gmo salsas, kosher dilly beans and our compound garlic butter this year. 

Our next trek was the biggie for our Farm- The Easton Garlic Festival- October 7-8th. This is what we were told was one the largest garlic festival on the Eastern side of the U.S. They attract garlic lovers from Pittsburg, D.C., New York and New Jersey with an estimated 55k in visitors between both days....Prep for this sale was monumental! We even needed a second delivery from our farm on day 2 from our back stock of seed. We featured our Black Garlic and Smoked Garlic at this sale along with our 6 heirloom varietals for growing or cooking. We had an AMAZING time at this sale and assure you we will return annually! We were even approached to supply a 6-store grocery chain in the tri-state area with our organic garlic. Upon our return we immediately started planting again for 2018! We planted 2000 lbs of garlic this year. A significant increase to last year's crop due to increasing specific varietals that were hot-sellers. All bulbs were in the ground this year by December and were covered for their Winter slumber by Christmas week!

2018 looks to be a fruitful year and is starting off with a BANG! We have been asked to present at the Annual Mid-Ohio Growers Association Conference for vegetable farmers in our Tri-State area. We are told it brings in 1300-1500 attendees annually. We will be putting together a presentation on "Growing Gourmet Garlic" during this 2-day event. We are excited to share our love for garlic with others who may want to dabble...We will also be completing our permaculture-design certification in April to continue progressing our biodynamic farm in a very the most sustainable way.  We are also working with Rodale (the original organic standard) on piloting a new level of certification called "Regenerative Organic" farming. Its based on three pillars of focus helping you keep your farm sustainable and regenerative for years to come. RegenOrganic.org for more info on the certification. 

Thanks for visiting! We hope you can find everything you need on our site! Family Roots Farm is focused on providing organic and non-gmo foods at a high level of customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations. Please note our farm is also listed in the following directories: USDA, Organic Trade Association, Local Harvest, Woman Who Farm, Agri-licious, Ohio Proud, Mid-West Garlic Grower's Assoc. and The Garlic Seed Foundation.

With a variety of organic produce and products to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy feeding your family with food that has been hand-planted, tended-to, harvested and prepared with the up-most care, detail and love. Please browse our website or Facebook page (Family Roots Farm Inc). We update garlic gifts for the gourmet or gardener all year- round. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you. 

Warmest Regards, 

Rod & Jennifer Sharpnack

We hope to see you again! Check back soon for new updates to our site. There's much more to come! Please reach out to us at any time.