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OUR OWN Roots Buckeye Red



From our private collection. HOT, EARTHY & SPICY! This is for a HALF POUND. This is our proprietary variety named after our farm. This is a hardneck (rocambole) gourmet garlic that is more robust than anything we have tasted. Our own hybrid that we have perfected. It boasts a hot finish with a full-flavor woodsy taste. Perfect garlic for a true garlic lover. This garlic variety has one of the highest sulfenic acid content which gives it is chili-like burning taste. Originally found growing wild on our farm land. This is a large cream colored bulb with some random red striping. Each bulb produces 12-14 large beige cloves. SOLD BY THE HALF POUND ONLY. Very limited quantities. 5-6 month shelf-life. Shipped in the Fall/Winter. Non-GMO. 

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