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1 Pound Culinary Garlic combo pack OR culinary sampler 6 pack


Please specify varietal-can curate up to 2 varieties. There is a 1/2 option later on down the ordering page.


Music-Medium Robust-sweetens when roasted

Shvelisi/Turkish- Medium Garlic-true garlic flavor Sold Out

Roots Buckeye Red- Earthy Heirloom with earthy heat

German White-Medium Robust-gets semi-sweet when roasted

Inchelium Red- Medium Hot-most versatile and one of the longest shelf-lives

Nootka Rose-Hottest softneck-small is left

Lorz Italian- Mildest

Silver White-Hot-SOLD OUT

Polish- Medium Robust smaller bulb-SOLD OUT

Romanian Red- Hottest hardneck in the U.S

Georgian Fire-super heat and flavor-SOLD OUT

Georgian Crystal-robust pungency and excellent raw

If you would like a culinary sampler pack instead-please note that at check out-you will recieve 1 of each of our 6 most popular varietals that are all individually labeled

Please specify what varietal for your 1 pound or if a sampler pack

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