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Our 4oz. PURE garlic scape salt will not dissappoint! Made withour certified organic garlic scapes. Use in marinades, dressings, sauces, add some zing to your homemade garlic bread, spring on your grilled protein or your steamed veggies. So versatile! Specify Mild or Robust at check out please. Non-Gmo. Sold in 4oz sifter containers. Pure powder is also available with NO FILLERS. Please specify salt or powder at check out. Actual shipping options will be emailed. Mild is made with our German White garlic scapes, Robust is made with our Romaninan Red garlic scapes, Gold Nugggets are made with our dehydrated Roots Buckeye Red

Heirloom Garlic Scape Salt. Powder, Gold Nuggets

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