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This garlic is also known as "German Extra Hardy", "Northern White", or "German Stiffneck". This is a hardneck garlic of the porcelain variety. It has a moderately spicey flavor that lasts for a long time. One of the best tastes without any over-whelming heat. We consider this our most versatile variety.This garlic is loved in salsas and marinades. It also does really well being roasted or smoked with applewood. The white skin has very delicate purple stripes. Each bulb contains 4-7 plump cloves that are easy to peel.


Stores for up to 10 months. Ships in the Fall. Sold by the pound. Non-Gmo. For larger quantities please call us directly at 330-329-2880 for bulk discounts and shipping.

Heirloom German White

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