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This is the most popular of the hardneck variety. It is a porcelain garlic originated in Italy. It boasts one of the highest allicin content since it is in the porcelain family. Heirloom Music is a gourmet chef's first choice in prepared dishes. It is white-skinned with a touch of blush pink. Music has large, juicey cloves that are easy to peel. This garlic has medium, well-developed taste that is described as a true garlic flavor and lasts for a long time. It is known for being very rich and carameled when roasted. You may see a roasted clove served next to a a black forest or dark chocolate cake at your favorite gourmet restaurant. We love it in our pasta sauces because no sugar is needed-it sweetens up as it is cooked. It has brilliant-white wrappers with thick, faint-purple wrapped clove.

This variety will store for up to 7 months. Approx 5-8 huge cloves per bulb. Music is shipped in the Fall. Sold by the pound. Non-GMO. Large quantities please contact us directly at 330-329-2880.

Heirloom Music Garlic

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